Glad you want to contribute to my website!

The easiest way to contribute (for me, at least) is to submit a pull request on the GitLab repository. As the site is statically generated by Hugo, the recipe has to be in markdown (.md) format.

If you are not familiar with Git(Lab), you can email your recipe to pim (at) beune (period) dev. It is very likely that this way of contributing will take longer than the method above, as I will have to create the pull request and markdown file myself.

Thanks in advance!


  • No bullsh*t. That means, only include that what is absolutely necessary to cook the recipe.
  • Please include the number of people for which the amount of ingredients are intended.
  • Please follow the template recipe, located in the repository.


An image of the final result is encouraged! In order to keep the website lightweight the image must be of .webp format, and have a resolution of around 500 by 800 pixels. This will ensure an image size of around 50kB. Of course you can deviate from these numbers, but be reasonable about it.

In order to make an image meet these requirements you can use ImageMagick. For example, to convert an image to .webp format and to reduce it to 50% of its original size use the following command:

$ convert image.png -resize 50% image.webp

Please do not include the image in the pull request directly. Rather upload it to a web service that supports .webp image hosting, like ImgBB or To include an external image in a markdown document, do the following:

![Image title](

Finally, please make sure that the image is either taken by you, or is licensed under the Creative Commons license (or something similar). The site is called Librecipe after all.